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Are you a passionate traveler who loves to find and share off-beat, out-of-the-way experiences? Then Yubee is the place for you!

Yubee is the only travel app that curates travel content from real people just like you. We hand-pick stories, reviews, and more, from an exclusive community of selected travelers from around the world. This results in Yubee having the best, most authentic content available.

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Join the Yubee Selected Travelers Program and start earning money for your travel experiences!

By joining the Yubee Selected Travelers program, you get:

Find and connect with travelers and adventure seekers just like you.

Planning your next big trip? As a Selected Traveler, you get free access to everything Yubee has to offer!

Best of all, you get paid to share your experiences through Yubee’s advanced Dynamic Payout System!

Who is eligible to join?

Yubee is seeking seasoned travelers who have both deep, first-hand knowledge of unique, hard-to-find places, activities, accommodations, and dining experiences. Applicants should have decent writing skills, experience using social media platforms, and a good eye for visual storytelling. Of course, it helps to have a few interesting stories to share as well!

How do Selected Travelers get paid?

At Yubee, we want to provide the best value to travelers around the world and set a high standard for travel content. We believe that starts with seasoned travelers just like you. We want you to successfully use our platform, and we want to reward you for the value you provide.

That’s why each travel story goes through a review process to ensure it meets our Travel Story Guidelines. Stories are typically reviewed within a day. Once a story has been accepted, it is automatically published and available for travelers around the world to be discovered!

Selected Travelers get paid for every story that has been accepted by Yubee. Additionally to these fixed payments, our Level 5 travelers earn money for views, likes, comments, or other (paid) engagements on their stories. Yubee’s advanced Dynamic Payout System ensures a balanced payment for all Yubee Selected Travelers based on the reach of their content. Each action taken on your content is accumulated. The more engagement your content receives, the bigger your monthly payout. Read the FAQ for more information.

How does the application process work?

Because we charge app users for accessing Yubee content, it is essential that every single piece on Yubee adds value to the travel experience. That’s why we’re highly selective about who our Selected Travelers are. In fact, only about 3 percent of all applications are accepted.

Once you apply, we review your application thoroughly, including reviewing any articles or other content you reference in the application. Due to the high number of applications we receive, this process can take up to three weeks.

Once we determine if you are a match for Yubee, we will notify you, and if accepted, you can immediately start to submit your travel stories.

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Join the Yubee Selected Travelers Program and start earning money for your travel experiences!


When can I start earning money?


You can start earning money right away. Once you are approved as a Yubee Selected Traveler you can start creating travel stories and submit them for review. You will get paid for every story that has been accepted by Yubee.

How will I earn money?


You get paid a fixed rate for each accepted story.

Level 5 travelers are also paid for engagements on their travel stories. Views, Likes and Comments from users with a subscription count as paid engagements. Users buy a subscription to access content on Yubee. The subscription's amount is then distributed among Yubee Selected Travelers based on the respective user's engagement with their content. An example: Lisa got a $1 subscription on Yubee. She views Story A, likes Story B and comments on Story C. The amount ($1) is then shared between the Authors of these stories and Yubee. More meaningful engagements get paid better. Now imagine thousands of Lisa's.

How much money can I earn?


There are 5 Levels of Yubee Selected Travelers with different rates. You'll start at Level 1. As your Audience (and therefore your reach) is growing, you will level up.

Level 1 (Approved)$5 / Story
Level 2$12 / Story
Level 3$25 / Story
Level 4$50 / Story
Level 5Engagement-Bonus

As a Level 5 traveler you will have a large audience. Your Engagement-Bonus will surpass the fixed payments per story. However, the amount you earn then depends highly on (1) how many paid engagements you receive, (2) how many paid engagements others receive and (3) the total amount of users with a subscription. The more people you attract with your travel stories, the more money you can make.

When will I get paid?


At the end of a payout period. A payout period is one month.

What does Dynamic Payout System mean?


Yubee's Dynamic Payout System refers to the way a Yubee Selected Traveler's (Level 5) earnings are dynamically calculated based on paid engagements within a payout period.